Power10kW / 13.4 bhp
Battery Pack2 x 1.8 kWh
Top Speed45 mph / 72kph*
Driving ModesNovice, Expert, Vantage


No Time To Die Edition

Power16kW / 21.5 bhp +
Battery Pack4 x 1.8 kWh
Top Speed45 mph / 72kph*
Driving ModesNovice, Expert, Escape
GadgetsMini Guns,
Cycling digital numberplates,
Smoke screen,
Skid mode,
Hidden gadgets switch panel

Pricing excludes shipping costs, taxes, customs and excise charges

*top speed may vary in certain territories due to local laws and regulations


Arguably the most famous car in the world, the iconic DB5 has firmly secured its place in automotive history. Coveted by car enthusiasts around the world, DB5 ownership has historically been the preserve of the lucky few. In 2020, more than 50 years on from its initial launch, the DB5 will be reimagined for the modern era.

Hand-crafted to allow the love of driving to be shared across generations, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior will be built to 66% scale of the original and will feature a rear-wheel-drive, fully electric powertrain and multiple driving modes. Just like the original, only 1,059 of the models will be made, providing a rare opportunity for fans of the marque to own a piece of history.

As an official Aston Martin model, the DB5 Junior will pay homage to the rich history of the brand. Each of the limited-edition vehicles produced will feature classic Aston Martin badges, Silver Birch paintwork, Smiths instruments, and individually numbered chassis plates. In tribute to Aston Martin’s more recent technological advances, the DB5 Junior will include swappable lithium-ion battery packs and regenerative braking.



The DB5 Junior has all of the iconic details you would expect from an Aston Martin DB5, including:

  • Authentic Aston Martin badges consistent with the original cars
  • Replicated Smiths instruments, including original DB5 clock
  • A full leather interior in a range of colours
  • Mahogany & aluminium steering wheel
  • Opening and closing bonnet and boot
  • Four-wheel disc brakes, and a hydraulic handbrake
  • Double wishbone suspension at the front, with the roll centre and camber gain matching the original geometry
  • Rear live axle as per the original, with authentic upper and lower trailing-arm suspension and panhard rod